Requests for Entry into the 2012 Race Are Now Being Accepted!

Requests for an Invitation to Run in the 2012 Ancient Oaks 100-Mile Endurance Run are now being accepted!  The 2012 race dates of Saturday and Sunday, December 1-2, 2012 have been confirmed with park officials and preparations are now underway for the event.

The race is an invitation-only, no-fee, minimal-aid event in the ‘old school’ tradition of ultramarathons.  A maximum of 60 Entry slots will be awarded for 2012, and entry into the race is solely determined by the Race Director.  Historically, more than 150 runners have requested entry into the race, so many deserving runners must be turned away each year.  The deadline for submitting a Request for Invitation to Run is Friday, August 31, 2012.

All Requests will be accepted until then, and the field will be chosen and posted about 48 hours after that cutoff date.  After August 31, runners submitting a Request to run will be added to the Runner Wait List, which will be maintained and periodically posted to the website.

To request an Invitation to Run in the 2012 race, please click on the ‘How To Request an Invitation to Run in the 2012 Race’ link shown above.  More information about the race is also available there, and on other pages of this website.

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