2014 Race Updates

Update Number 1, posted Friday, October 31, 2014:

The latest Entrants’ List and Wait List has been posted to
the Ancient Oaks 100-Mile Endurance Run website – please take a moment and
check to see that your information looks correct.  If it’s not, please reply to this message
with any corrections.


As always, please let me know as soon as possible if you
decide that you can no longer run the race.
Although the Wait List has been reduced from 95 runners down to 57
runners, one of those 57 runners would love to have your Entry if you decide
that you cannot run ;-) .  Don’t be hasty
– wait until you’re sure you’re not running – but if you know you won’t be able
to run, then please allow someone else to take your Entry slot.


Since Labor Day, I’ve logged more than 15,000 miles of
travel and have worked 27 races at 11 different locations ranging from Longmont
CO to London, Ontario, Canada to Short Creek, Tennessee, as well as covering
the eastern half of the state of Florida from Miami to St Augustine.  My focus has been on what needs to get done
in the next two days, not the next two months, and I’ve also been focused on
races that provide me a paycheck ;-) , but I realize that Ancient Oaks is fast
approaching and you deserve more attention and information.


Regarding travel arrangements, if you’re coming in from out
of town and flying (and do not yet have your flight arrangements), then the
Orlando airports will probably be your best bet.  That’s MCO, the large hub, as well as the
Sanford option.  After that, the closest
airports would probably be Melbourne and Jacksonville, but they will probably
have limited flight schedules and higher pricing.


There are PLENTY of cheap hotels in the area of the race –
just Google any hotel website for Titusville, Florida and you’ll find gobs of
options.  The best choices will be
located at Exit 215 off I-95, which is called Hwy 50 or the Cheney
Highway.  All of those places are the
same place ;-) .  Although it’s not yet
been confirmed, I will in all likelihood be domiciled at the Days Inn there
from Thursday evening until Monday morning of race weekend.  If you’re paying more than about $60 for a
room, you should be getting some luxury for it ;-) .


In past years, we’ve had a casual pre-race packet pickup at
the IHOP restaurant located at the Days Inn site, and I see no reason to fix
what ain’t broken ;-) .  I will be
stopping at the hotel and restaurant on my way to work the Azalea 12H/24H races
in Palatka on Nov 22, and I’ll post a race update once I’ve confirmed it with
the hotel and restaurant.  Pre-race packet
pickup has been from 4:00 PM until about 7:30 PM.  Should be no change for this year.


For last-minute supplies, there is both a Lowe’s and a Home
Depot located at the I-95 interchange, and there’s a 24-hour Wal-Mart
Supercenter located about a half-mile away from that interchange as well.  There are plenty of cheap restaurant choices
there as well.


All of this is less than 4 miles from the race site itself,
so it’s an easy jaunt to the event.


If you’re driving, please be aware that the park has VERY stringent
rules as to what’s allowable inside the park.
We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE the use of motor homes and/or travel trailers,
since there is NO CAMPING allowed in the park.
Please do everything in your power to avoid bringing a huge vehicle into
the park.  The rule of thumb is that your
vehicle should be able to fit into a standard parking lot parking place – if it
doesn’t, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible, so that I can run interference
for you with the park.  THANK YOU VERY
MUCH for your understanding and cooperation!


Regarding tents, please DO NOT bring a camping tent with
you!  We will have two communal 10×10
popup tents located in the picnic area of the race start/finish line, and those
are available for your use.  If you have
any kind of tent, it needs to be 10×10 or smaller, and it needs to be an
obvious day-use type of thing – nothing that looks like it can be slept in ;-) .


We’ll have the use of most of the parking lot throughout
the entirety of the race, but the park will be open to the public on both
Saturday and Sunday, so some of the parking lot will be roped off for that
public use.  Please also be conscious of
the public use of the trails, and practice appropriate trail courtesy.


The race consists of a 3.46-mile trail loop, so you’ll return
to the start/finish line area 29 times during the race.  For most of you, this will be about every
40-80 minutes, so you will have ample opportunities to resupply yourself either
at our aid station, or from your vehicle.
It is VERY easy to self-crew from your vehicle, since the race runs
right through the parking area at the start of every loop.  I’ve done it myself successfully four
different times ;-) .


I’ll have a more detailed race update sent out sometime
during the week of November 10 through the 16, since I’ll be confined to the
timing tent for the Icarus Multi-Day races in Fort Lauderdale for that time
frame ;-) .


Thank you for coming to run Ancient Oaks, thank you for
your patience, and I look forward to watching you cross the finish line in the
Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary the third weekend in December!

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