2012 Race Entry Is Closed

With a complete roster of Entrants now in place, Requests to run in the 2012 Ancient Oaks 100-Mile Endurance Run are no longer being accepted.  A Wait List is being developed and will be published on this site no later than Sunday evening, September 23.  Although there are already more than 20 runners on the Wait List, it is possible for aspiring entrants to request that their name be added to the Wait List.  Understand that being on the Wait List puts a premium on a runner’s flexibility – most of the 2012 Entry Slots that open up between now and race day will only open in the final two or three weeks before the race, as Entrants who are on the fence about running finally make their decision.  Please e-mail race Director Mike Melton at mike@mcmelton.com if you would like to be added to the Wait List.

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